Eheim Air Pump 400

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Eheim Air Pump 400

Eheim Air Pump 400

Regular price €58,00 EUR
Regular price Sale price €58,00 EUR

The sophisticated Eheim Air Pump 400 is the ideal pump for smaller or lower stocked fish tanks. Its beautiful and compact design blends into any setting and remains discreet whilst working with incredible precision.

The Eheim Air Pump 400 has an impressive output of 400 litres per hour (2 x 200l/h) and can be adjusted to regulate correct air flow for your specific aquarium needs. The air pump comes complete with two diffusers which can also be altered to your liking, providing a beautiful bubble effect to add eye catching appeal to your tank whether in the home, office or classroom. 

The Eheim Air Pump 400 also delivers exceptional quality for its price point and comes with a number of features that add leverage to its in-built soundproof technology. Its rubber suction padded feet not only prevent it from ‘walking’ across your aquarium’s stand, but act as vibration dampeners for extra silent operation

The Eheim Air Pump 400 also comes complete with 2m of airline hose, and suction hook to allow vertical hanging on aquarium glass.

At a Glance:

Output: 4litres per hour (2 x 200l/h)

Equipped with 2 x diffusers

Beautiful bubble effect

Airline Length: 2m

Dimensions: 15.2cm (H) x 8.9cm (W) x 7.1cm (D)

Can be adjusted to regulate specific airflow for your aquarium

Compact and sleek design 

Soundproof technology - rubber suction padded feet

Suction hook for vertical hanging